UPS Mediacom PC Security Solution 800VA/480W w/AVR, Surge Protection

2,980 ден.


Шифра: 1772


Total Protection 
Protect your PC and peripherals with 2 sockets with backup battery in case main power supply interruption.
It also offers a high level of protection against current overload to the computer, monitor and supports connection of external memory. 
AVR function for the compensation of the fluctuations of the voltages, fast response time for emergency power activation.

VA Rating: 800VA
Wattage: 480W
Output Voltage: 195-255Vac (± 5 vac)
Output Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (± 0.5Hz) (Auto sensing)
Input Voltage: 140 - 290 (± 5)
Input Frequency: 45 / 65Hz (± 1 Hz)
Recharging Time: 8 hours for full charge
Backup Time: 6 minutes (half load) *
Transfer time short circuit protect: ≤ 10 ms
Battery protection: Automatic protection, the UPS turns off when the battery voltage is too high or low
Overload protection: if load <110% the outputs close immediately with continuous alarm
Short circuit protection: Automatic protection, the outputs close with active alarm
Operative temperatures: 0 ° - 40 °
Storage temperatures: -15 ° - 45 °
Realtive umidity: 0% - 90% (non-condensation)
Noise: ≤ 40 db (1 mt from front panel)
Size and Weight: 303x100x141 mm - 4.5 Kg