2021 New Mini PCI-E To PCI Single Slot Adapter PCIE To PCI Conversion Card ASM1083 USB 3.0 To 15Pin SATA Interface

2,350 ден.


Шифра: 1835



Product Type: PCIe to PCI conversion card (split type)

Main chipset: ASM1083

Bus type: PCI Express x1 (1xLane virtual channel)

Slot interface: PCI 32bit 33/66MHz (split)

1 x USB3.0 port

1 x 15Pin SATA interface

PCI card slot: 3.3V/1A, 3.3V/100mA,

5V/5A and 12V/500mA (adjustable)

Features: No need for additional power supply (for special circumstances, the onboard SATA power interface is available)

Driver-free, plug and play



Cable colour:random color


PCI Express-to-PCI split bridge conversion card allows the PCI bus to be used with high-performance PCI Express networks.

PCI Express x1 to 32-bit PCI bridge, enables users to connect legacy parallel bus devices to advanced serial PCI Express interfaces.

ASM1083 is a PCI Express-to-PCI forward bridge, which fully complies with PCI-SIG PCI Express-to-PCI bridge specification 1.0.

Package Included:

1*Expansion card