Solar body sensor lamp cl-166

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Product description:

1. It is easy to install without pulling wires. It is only necessary to fix the product on the wall with a screw.

2. Solar outdoor lamp, using the energy of the sun for your night lighting.

3. In the daytime, the light is not on, only in the night turn on the switch, when the sensor detects the human body can get high-brightness light.

4. IP65 waterproof, heat-resistant solar lamp, suitable for most types of weather.

5. Solar outdoor lights illuminate your garden, courtyard, aisle, porch, courtyard or driveway, etc

6. It is recommended to install vertically on a wall 2-3m high from the ground
You can try to install it according to your surroundings, but do not turn the solar panel upside down in any way. Otherwise it will affect the efficiency of solar charging.


Material: ABS plastic
Colour: Black
Solar panel: high quality polysilicon, 5.5V 1W
Power consumption: 1.5W
Function: Human body induction
Light source: 166LED
Induction distance: 3-5 meters
Working hours: charge 6 hours during the day, more than 10 hours at night
Installation method: punching, wall hanging
Battery: Built-in 18650 lithium battery 2200mAh
Charging method: automatic charging of solar panel
Function: Automatic solar charging during the day. If no one is outside, it will go out when no one is there. When someone passes by, it will automatically light up the glare. After the person leaves, it will automatically extinguish for 20-30 seconds. The product cable is 5 meters long.
Applications: yards, gardens, aisles, porches, terraces, driveways, etc.

Warranty: 1 year

Package Content:

Solar Light

Installation Package

Instruction Manual