Smartwatch Tracer T-Watch TW9 Nyx w/ white strap

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Discover a new level of SMART LIFE.

TRACER TW6 NYX T-Watch is your companion that combines many functions of a watch, a calendar, a coach and an assistant.

Connect via BT to your phone and enjoy full communication between devices thanks to the installed app.
The 21st century has its rights and comforts. TW9 NYX is equipped with a number of functions facilitating the organization of time and work – like the work mode monitor or water consumption monitor.

Pair your devices and allow access to social networks, and you'll always be up to date when someone sends you a message or invites you to an interesting event. Don't reach for your phone, it's a waste of time!

If you want to take care of your condition, TW9 NYX is a great tool that will support your effort. It will help fans of physical activity thanks to sports modes and the possibility of planning and analysing training sessions. Blood pressure measurement, heart rate monitor or oximeter will allow you to constantly monitor your activity level and fatigue.

If you forget where your phone is and you want to find it efficiently, you can use the "find my phone" function. Your watch will send an alarm and help you find your missing device. Do you wish to monitor not only your work, but also you rest time? Check the quality of your sleep with your new wrist companion!

TRACER TW9 NYX is equipped with a 1.3'' LCD screen. High screen resolution of 240*240 pixels makes the device very easy to read.
The set includes two straps – black and white.

• Display – 1.3'' LCD, 240*240p
• Touchscreen
• Bluetooth 5.0
• Protection class IP65
• G-Sensor
• Blood pressure measurement
• Heart rate monitor
• Oximeter
• Sleep monitor
• Water consumption monitor
• Work mode monitor
• Call and SMS info
• Sports modes
• Pedometer, distance tracker, calorie counter
• FitPro app
• 100mAh battery; stand-by for about 120 hours
• Dimensions: 3.58*1.34*5.4cm; weight 25g
• Android 5.0+; iOS 9.0+