Pen Tablet XP-PEN Star G960S Plus 5080LPI 8192 Pressure Levels Android support

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ar G960S Plus
Stay creative at a new level.

Model: Star G960S
Dimensions: 319.5x209.5x10mm
Active area: 9x6 inch (228.8x152.6mm)
Pen: PH2 battery-free stylus featuring digital eraser
Pressure Sensitivity: 8,192 Levels
Tilt: 60 Degrees
Shortcut keys: 4
Accuracy: ±0.4mm(Center)
Reading height: 10mm
Input: USB
Compatibility: Windows®7/8/10,Mac OS X® 10.10 and higher,Android 6.0 and above

Package Included
1x Pen Tablet
1x Battery-free Stylus
10 x Replacement Pen Nibs
1x Pen-Clipper
1x USB Cable
1X USB to USB-C adapter
1x USB to Micro USB adapter
1 x Quick Guide