Lizard Cam - Flexible and Waterproof Micro-Inspection Camera with 3 Different Heads, Monitor Display and LED Light Torch

1,220 ден.


Шифра: 3144


  • FOR INSPECTION: This lizard cam will now prevent you from bending and inspecting any issues with your drains, clogged pipes, engines, etc. with your phone
  • CAMERA FOR INVESTIGATION: Tiny camera attached on the 1.22 metre cord of the camera allows it to go inspect in the smallest of the spaces
  • FLEXIBLE CORD: The serpentine coiled cord with a waterproof covering prevents any damage to the camera and any short circuit caused when dipped through clogged drains or pipes
  • MONITOR DISPLAY: The handheld monitor display of the camera displays everything that the camera sees on a 2.4 inches screen
  • ILLUMINATED SCENE: LED lights equipped at the tip of the camera light up when in dark spaces allowing the camera to inspect the fault
  • Camera sees on the 2.4-inch screen, Flexible, Inspects pipes, sinks/toilets, engines, air ducts and so much more, LED lights fixed by the lens tip, Loose 1.22 m long serpentine cable is flexible and ready to use, Waterproof cable ensures no worries about camera short circuit, You can investigate clogged toilet or drain, You see in the darkest cracks and crevices