Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V PWM 30A with Adjustable LCD Display Timer Setting

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• Adjustable LCD Display :The adjustable LCD display allows you to easily monitor the solar panel's charging status and adjust the charging settings to suit your needs.

• PWM 10A 30A :With a maximum charging current of 30A, this solar charge controller can charge your solar panels quickly and efficiently.

• Timer Setting :The timer setting allows you to set the charging times for your solar panels, ensuring that they are charged during the most productive parts of the day.

• Solar Controllers :This solar charge controller is part of the 'Solar Controllers' category, making it a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home's energy efficiency.

Product Description:

1. Industrial master control chip

2. Large LCD display, charge and discharge parameters can be adjusted

3. Complete 3-stage PWM charging management

4. Built-in overcurrent/short circuit protection, open circuit protection, reverse protection, they are self-recovery type, they do not damage the controller

5. Dual MOS anti-backflow circuit, it has ultra-low heat

Product features:

Rated voltage: 10A-30A Current: 10A

Rated current: 40A-60A Current: 30A

Maximum photovoltaic voltage: 12V battery, up to 23V; Up to 46V on a 24V battery

Full cut-off voltage: 14.4V (default, adjustable)

Discharge cutoff voltage: 10.7V (default, adjustable)

Discharge recovery voltage: 12.6V(default, adjustable)

Charge recovery voltage: 13.2V.

Light switch threshold: PV panel 8V (light switch delay)

Light control off lamp threshold: light control off lamp threshold

USB output: 2 USB outputs, 5V/2.5A(Max)

Standby current: <1 0mA

Operating temperature: -35~ +60C

Size/weight: 133.5* 70* 35mm 160g

Instruction manual

1. This controller is 12V/24V automatic adaptation, when you first install, please make sure that the battery has enough voltage, so that the controller can recognize the correct battery type.

Install the controller as close to the battery as possible to avoid voltage drop caused by too long wire, affecting the normal voltage judgment.

3. This controller is only applicable to all kinds of lead-acid batteries (including open, sealed, colloidal, etc.), do not use on other batteries (including lithium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, etc.)

4. This controller can only use photovoltaic panels as the charging source, do not use DC or other power sources as the charging source.

6. The controller will heat up when running, please pay attention to install the controller on a flat and well-ventilated surface.

Menu key: Used to switch the parameter interface, or hold down for 5 seconds to enter or exit the parameter setting.

Up: On the parameter setting screen, tap once to make the parameter go forward. Add one more gear.

Scroll down: On the parameter setting screen, tap once to move the parameter up one step.

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