Solar Kit: GD Lite 10

2,400 ден.


Шифра: 3175


A solar power supply system that is plug and play, efficient and easy to use.
Gadget lighting and power systems are absolutely necessary equipment in any home, in any family
Even if we don't like to admit, we often face power outages. In some areas the electrical networks are outdated and easily damaged. In others it is damaged due to bad weather. 
The problem is that putting the electricity back on takes several hours. What do you do if that's when you have a family emergency? What if the damage happens at night? How do you deal with your family for so many hours until the power is repaired? 
How do you announce a breakdown and ask for help if you don't have electricity? Phones download so fast and need to be charged on the spot.
These systems are also very useful when you go on vacation, with the tent, in isolated areas - it will ensure comfort and safety. 

It has 3 bulbs with 3 meters long cables and individual switches.
Equipped with FM radio and mp3 player

Key features:

  • 1 x 6V maintenance battery without rechargeable battery.
  • Solar panel 1 x 9v 3w.
  • 3 LED bulbs with self-switching.
  • MP3 player FM radio LED headlight.
  • 1 x USB cable and pot for charging the phone.
  • 1 x AC adapter cable for AC charging.
  • * 1 bulb lasts 10 hours, 2 bulbs 10-12 hours and 3 bulbs 15 hours.
  • * Charging time 10 - 15 hours ,, gd lite 10