Kompresor pumpa so iglici i nastavki - air compressor fast air inflation

500 ден.

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Шифра: 690



• Easy to use

• Voltage: 12V

• Pressure: 300PSI

• 3 Metre Cord Approx.

• Easy to carry and portable

• Equipped with pressure checking gauge

• Inflate your Tyres, Toys, Sporting equipment


Plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter socket

unscrew the tyres valve caps, push the connector firmly onto the tyre valve and secure by depressing the thumb lock

Ensure the hose is not stretched or kinked during operation

When the correct pressure has been achieved stop the inflater

Lift the thumb lock and release the connector from the tyre valve

Replace the tyre valve cap

Package include:

• 1x Car Air Pump


1. The machine cannot be used in cars with 24V battery, and it cannot be used in cars with tire pressure exceeding 300PSI

2. When in use, start the motor of the car;

3. If the air pressure rises rapidly in a short time (up to 689KPa in three seconds), it means that the air pressure is blocked and the air does not enter the tire. Immediately turn off the power, remove the air valve, and restart the operation;

4. Inflate every 15 minutes, it is best to take a break;

5. It can only be used for 12V cigarette lighter power input; if a converter is used, please use a converter with a power of not less than 90W. If you use a battery clip, use a thick battery clip.